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Haircare Q&A: Uneven Hair Growth

Question: I really need help growing my hair! My hair is really short in the back. What can I do to make it all even?

Answer: Many people have hair that varies in texture on their head. Some people have soft hair in the front, coarse in the back. Some people have thicker hair on one side that the other. It sounds like your hair is probably softer, or at least more sensitive to your hair care methods, than the rest of your hair. I would pay close attention to how to you take care of your hair, especially in the back, and try to eliminate anything you think that could be causing damage to the hair at the back of your head. Avoid tight braids, extensions, harsh chemicals, excessive heat. Use moisturizing hair care products, and be really gentle with all of your hair, especially the hair at the nape of your neck, and it should grow back.