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How to Define the Curls in Natural Hair with Northwest Scents

If you have highly textured hair, and you struggle with curl definition, try this method with Northwest Scents™. This method of defining  the curls in afro textured hair (4b or 4c) leaves the hair soft and defined in between washes.  It is also low maintenance.  If you leave your hair alone (meaning after you have defined the curls you don't try to comb it or brush it or add oils or water to it, or overly manipulate it) and if you tie it up at night with a silk scarf, or sleep on a silk pillowcase, your curls should last one to two weeks.


Natural Hair with Curl Pattern Defined


In the shower:

1. Wash hair with Northwest Scents™ Shampoo.

2. After washing your hair with Northwest Scents ™ Shampoo, wash and detangle your hair with Northwest Scents ™ Keratin and Silk Curl Cleansing Cream.  To do this, work on your hair in sections.  For each section, apply the Keratin and Silk Curl Cleansing Cream so that it covers all of the hair.  Gently work through the section with a wide tooth comb, working from the ends of your hair to the roots, until you can gently pull the comb through from ends to roots.  Let sit in hair for a few minutes. Rinse out with warm water.

Out of the shower:

3. Divide hair into four or more sections.

4. Apply Northwest Scents™ Hair Conditioner as a leave in to each section of hair. To do this apply a generous amount of conditioner to each section of hair (1 tablespoon or more).  Massage the conditioner into your hair from roots to ends.  Braid each section loosely. After applying conditioner to each section, tie up your hair in a silk scarf and let your hair air dry overnight, or sit under a bonnet dryer to dry hair.

Next Day (or after hair is dried)
After your hair has dried, you are ready to define the curls in your hair. To do this:

5. Unbraid one of your braids of hair. Divide that unbraided into smaller sections to work with.

6. For each section, from roots to ends, first apply Northwest Scents™ hair oil, then apply Northwest Scents™ hair gel. Use your fingers to pull the gel through from the roots to the ends.

7. Rake the gel through your hair over and over until you get definition (your curls are becoming smooth and clumping).

8. Twist section.

9.  Repeat 6 through 8 for the next sections from that one braid.

10. When you have finished all sections of the braid, repeat steps 6 through 9 for the other braids in your hair.

11. When you are done, let your hair air dry.

After hair has dried

13. Gently untwist each twist. Start at the ends and work up to the roots. 

14. After you have untwisted each twist, gently separate the twists into two or more sections. If necessary, after untwisting your hair, tie it up again either for a couple of hours or overnight to let the curls align themselves after untwisting (my hair looks better after I do this).

15. Arrange hair as desired.

At night.
Wear a silk or satin sleep cap, or tie up your hair in one or two silk scarves, before you go to sleep.   In the morning, your hair might be flattened. Gently separate the sections of your hair and fluff gently with your fingertips.

Maintaining Your Hair Until You Wash It Again.
To keep fuzz at a minimum, we recommend that you do not apply water or oils to your hair.  Gently finger separate hair sections in the morning as needed for fullness.  As the week goes on your hair should maintain its definition until the next time you wash it.  You should be able to wear your hair for one to two weeks like this until you need to do it again.

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This Video demonstrates steps 6 to 8