Northwest Scents

Natural Products for Black, African American, Afro Caribbean, 4C, and Highly Textured Hair

About Us

The Franklin and Franklin Company is a small African American privately owned company that specializes in the creation of products for dry, curly, and highly textured hair types. At The Franklin and Franklin Company we have been making hair care products from natural ingredients since 1997. Northwest Scents products are now available on Amazon.com. We have published two books on the subject of African American hair and a hair journal to help women who are working to grow their hair.

"Hello, I purchased your lavender/rosemary shampoo & conditioner through Amazon and I AM OVERJOYED THAT I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR MY CURLY HAIR (3b/3c)!!!! I have tried everything from (brand name 1, brand name 2, brand name 3, brand name 4, brand name 5)* well I guess you get the picture the list goes on! 
Even though I have never heard of your product I chose it due to the natural ingredients as well as it having Lavender and Rosemary; which I was hoping will help my itchy scalp... OMG!!! MY SCALP IS IN HEAVEN!!! 
I wasted some of my shampoo because I was not expecting a watery consistency due to it not having a pump; however it will not stop me from purchasing again. For the 1st in a while, I was able to finger comb my curls with your conditioner! I have not been able to finger comb with such ease with the other products previously tried!! I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY YOUR OTHER PRODUCTS AS WELL!!!! 
Thank you for making such a WONDERFUL product and I will continue to purchase your product as well as recommend to others!" 

"Your hair products are great! I have been searching for a solution to my dry, hard hair, for years. NW Scents made my hair feel great immediately. My hair is soft, shiny and I enjoy touching it again. And it smells wonderful as well! You have a customer for life. "

"My twelve year old daughter, who has extremely dry, frizzy hair is benefiting immensely from your shampoo, conditioner, and oil. The ingredients are wonderful, and I can finally comb through her hair without tugging and snapping off various strands of hair. The oil is the finishing touch. It is not greasy and the smell is not over-bearing. We will not have to look elsewhere now that she has a chemical-free product that contributes moisture to her scalp and hair. It is extremely manageable now that we are using your product. Thank you very much. "

" My hair has not looked or felt this GOOD in ages--thank you" 

"I have never used a shampoo that makes my hair feel the way your product does. I recently bought a trial size and now i'm going to purchase the big size and use it for 6 months. I warm comb my hair and the oil is great- it makes my hair eaiser to pull through and leaves it soft. My Aunt(she does my hair)even noticed the difference. My hair feels awesome!!!! I wish I had tried it sooner. Thank You soooo much!" 

"Just finished washing, conditioning and combing thru hair with sample kit products today. I really like how my hair feels and smells! Soft, easier to comb thru. I am transitioning from perm to natural (4 months since last retouch). I have been pressing my hair (not 'bone straight'), which just barely touches the bottom of my neck now. I am greatly impressed with your... samples, your website, and your quick and courteous correspondence. I plan to order again in the very near future."